About Us

The Story of Wiki Labs. Our Vision & Core Values.

About Us

The Wiki Labs Story

Why We Use "Wiki"

“Wiki” derives from Hawaiian language

This ultimately represent our ethos towards client's delivery and services.

History of Wiki Labs

It was September 2009…… When the company started in a small shared office with a small team, less than four persons. Back then, the intention was to fill up innovation gap in enterprise IT technology space with a different vibe. Till now, the company has helped our clients to solve their problems and reach their goals, even brought their businesses pass a new milestone.

Our Vision

To be Malaysia Tech ICON
  • I Innovative Solution
  • C Partnering with Elite Clients
  • O Offering Outstanding quality
  • N Navigating the Nexus of Market Reach and Technology

Our Core Values


  • I Innovation & Growth
  • C Collaboration 
  • O Ownership/Accountability/Commitment
  • N Nurturing Love & Gratitude
  • I Inspiring Client Centric Quality 
  • C Competitiveness
Company Incorporation
Shared Office at Dataran Sunway
Client Based - 3
Staff Strength - 4
Enterprise Open Source Provider
Red Hat Top ASEAN Partner
Moved to Mutiara Damansara
Expended Middleware + Database Solution
Client Base - 51
Staff Strength - 10
Solution Expansion to Observability
(Nagios & Grafana)
Red Hat Top Malaysia Partner with
Office move to Bangsar Sounth on 2018
Client Base - 148
Staff Strenggth - 23
RED HAT Top Partner in 10 years
Nagios Specialised Partner - Top
Veritas Gold Partner
Dell EMC Platinium
Oracle MySQL Top Partner 2018
Expanded Infrastructure Portfolio Staff
Client Base - 241
Staff Strength - 40
2024 - Beyond
Red Hat TOP Malaysia Partner for
12 years in a row
Veritas Top Partner 2020
Oracle MySQL Top Partner
Nagios Top Partner in Malaysia
Veritas Top Partner
Client Base - 295
Staff Strength - 51
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Wiki Labs is the leading Secured Technology Platform Provider. Partnering with the best of breed technologies such as Red Hat, Dell EMC, MySQL, Citrix, Arista and etc, we employ best practices developed over 10 years of service.


Our Team


Edmond Tey

Tech & Business Entrepreneur with the mission to inspire progress through technology. Throughout Ed’s professional and personal life, he has followed a simple mantra: “Progress with Quality” During the founding years of Wiki Labs, Ed has lead & build a team of passionate & experience sales professional. Progressing with the team thru expanding the market adoption of Enterprise Open Source Solution. It has since promoted transformation & succeeded legacy systems. With the appointment as CEO in Jan 2022, Ed continues the vision & mission with the core principle to inspire quality progression for People & Business with Technology innovation.


Quah Teik Jin (TJ)

TJ Quah, an exceptional leader, was appointed as the CRO of Wiki Labs Sdn Bhd in 2021. In this pivotal role, TJ serves as a senior executive, directing and optimizing the company’s daily business operations and administration. As CRO, he adeptly compiles comprehensive financial reports, spearheads the implementation of dynamic business strategies, and enhances the organization’s operational prowess. Prior to joining WIkilabs, TJ co-founded TFP Solutions Berhad. His strengths and expertise are in the areas of Corporate Governance, Process Improvement and Cultivating a Productive Organisation Culture.


Alban Seah

Alban is currently the CTO of Wiki Labs overseeing the company directions in term of innovation, technology solutions and how to improve company commitment in delivery quality to Wiki Labs clientele. As a founding member of the organisation, Alban spearheaded the enterprise open source initiative within the organisation during the founding years and the EOSS business has been expanding exponentially ever since. With the focus on inspiring progress in technology, Alban is currently running a progressive technology office to bring forth new innovation and progress to the market.
Solving complex business challenge is our passion

That's Wiki Labs

We provide effective, practical solutions that can increase productivity, decrease costs and ultimately lead to our customer success.