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Edmond Tey

Tech & Business Entrepreneur with the mission to inspire
progress through technology. Throughout Ed’s professional
and personal life, he has followed a simple mantra:
“Progress with Quality”
During the founding years of Wiki Labs, Ed has lead & build a
team of passionate & experience sales professional.
Progressing with the team thru expanding the market adoption
of Enterprise Open Source Solution. It has since promoted
transformation & succeeded legacy systems.
With the appointment as CEO in Jan 2022, Ed continues the
vision & mission with the core principle to inspire quality
progression for People & Business with Technology innovation.


Quah Teik Jin (TJ)

TJ Quah, an exceptional leader, was appointed as the COO of
Wiki Labs Sdn Bhd in 2021. In this pivotal role, TJ serves as a
senior executive, directing and optimizing the company’s daily
business operations and administration. As COO, he adeptly
compiles comprehensive financial reports, spearheads the
implementation of dynamic business strategies, and enhances
the organization’s operational prowess.
Prior to joining WIkilabs, TJ co-founded TFP Solutions Berhad.
His strengths and expertise are in the areas of Corporate
Governance, Process Improvement and Cultivating a
Productive Organisation Culture.


Alban Seah

Alban is currently the CTO of Wiki Labs overseeing the
company directions in term of innovation, technology solutions
and how to improve company commitment in delivery quality to
Wiki Labs clientele.
As a founding member of the organisation, Alban spearheaded
the enterprise open source initiative within the organisation
during the founding years and the EOSS business has been
expanding exponentially ever since.
With the focus on inspiring progress in technology, Alban is
currently running a progressive technology office to bring forth
new innovation and progress to the market.

Awesomeness And Creative People

We talk about hope helping and teamwork

words of team member

Teamwork is the ability work together toward

At Wiki Labs we strongly belives that team work does the better works. Our team are working closely together to create a perfect working environment and leave no one behind.